Hebrew Translator and Interpreter
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Translation and Interpreting:

English to Hebrew

Hebrew to English

Areas of Specialization:

BUSINESS (incl. escorting and consecutively interpreting to groups and individuals)

LAW (incl. depositions, document review, translation, transcriptions)

SOFTWARE (incl. localization quality evaluation and terminology management)

GENERAL (incl. birth, marriage and divorce certificates, diplomas, and other official documents)

Additional Services:

Studio linguistic advising (incl. voice-over, subtitle quality control, synchronization and script time-coding)

Consultation on Israeli law, culture, society, politics and economy

Electronic and hard-copy review of documents for relevance, confidentiality and privilege


"I was fortunate to have had the benefit of using Zion Avdi's services full time ... for six months as a translator and interpreter in a lawsuit. Mr. Avdi translated several hundred complex technical documents from Hebrew to English. He also provided services as an interpreter from Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew in depositions conducted ... in the lawsuit. Mr. Avdi's training as a lawyer and his fluency in Hebrew and English made him invaluable as a translator and interpreter in the case. Mr. Avdi provided high-quality translation and interpretation services. He was always extremely industrious and responsive. I recommend him very highly as a translator and interpreter."

David S. Steefel, Head of Litigation Practice Group, Holme Roberts & Owen LLP. November 29, 1999.